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The animal section of Pinterest has become a serious problem for my ability to get off the computer and function normally.  

I’m pretty sure movies like this are why we have such a high divorce rate.  Who can live up!!! 

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Finally cold enough to burn some wood!!


I CRAI! D: (repost from @ejdacanay) #connecticut

This whole thing is so heartbreaking.  This whole week of shootings has been heartbreaking.  What has happened to people that makes them give up on life so easily, but then have so much hatred that they take the lives of others, of children, as well.  There’s no easy way to keep this from happening in the future, but it needs to stop. 

I need some snow.

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My College Christmas Tree

Really wishing my dog was a better guard dog… At my parents house he barks at anything with a pulse, but here at college he sleeps all day and barely raises an eyebrow when someone new walks in -_- Thinking a chihuahua would help!

Buds =]

Love this place

New goal: Get back to 17.  

This is my boy=]

Downtown Portland! 


Studying for my last final with Christmas music in the background, all the Christmas lights on in the house, and Elf playing on the TV.  So ready to get this done! It’s Christmas time!